Black Catholic Marriage Ministry

Getting Married and Staying Married

Andrew and Terri Lyke are pioneers in Catholic marriage ministry. In 1994 they established Arusi Network to govern their ministerial work. The mission of their ministry is to strengthen the institution of marriage in the African-American community. The focus of that work is in marriage education, spiritual formation and ongoing social support through outreach from faith-based communities. They facilitate retreats, workshops, relationship coaching, and parish consultations to raise our sights on how we, the body of Christ, live in the Light of God's grace through the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Highlighting the symbiotic relationship between the couple and the community, they promote an "African worldview," recognizing the "I" in the "We" for the mutual support between marriage and community. Their book, Marriage On A Lampstand: Exploring a New Paradigm for Modern Christian Marriage (Heavenly Light Press), offers foundations and a blueprint for marriage faith formation for couples and their faith communities.  

P5: Five Pillars of Healthy, Happy Marriages

Andrew and Terri Lyke, relationship coaches, pioneers in Catholic marriage ministry, and authors of Marriage On A Lampstand: Exploring a New Paradigm for Modern Christian Marriage, present five key components of healthy and happy marriages. 

Grit and Grace of Marriage

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What Marriages Need to Survive

Presentation by Andrew & Terri Lyke for The Gift of Catholicism Symposium